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New Club Promotes Multicultural Awareness

By: Carlissia Mayancela/Junior Writer

The first meeting for the new BR Multicultural Club will take place on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

The club, started by BR senior Isaiah Torres, will promote ethnic and multicultural awareness and diversity.

BR senior Isaiah Torres is the founder of the Blue Ridge Multicultural Club. Photo by: Carlissia Mayancela/Junior Writer

Torres says: “Club meetings will be a place where our students can learn and celebrate different cultures, and it will be open to all students.”

Club advisors are high school art teacher Sarrah Dibble-Camburn and high school English teacher Kimberly Davenport.

Both advisors say they are looking forward to being part of the new club and showing their support for Torres.

Camburn says she was instantly interested in becoming the club’s advisor when Torres asked her.

“Isaiah really worked hard to get this club going, and I want to support students like him who show initiative.”

Davenport says her reasoning for becoming an advisor is similar to Camburn’s.

She says, “I am pretty impressed with Isaiah for going through the process needed to start this club from scratch, including meeting with school board members to seek their approval. So, I was honored that he asked me to join Mrs. Camburn as a co-advisor.”

A main goal of the club is to broaden perspectives, but Torres also says he wishes to have long-lasting impact at Blue Ridge High School.

My purpose for the club is to leave something truly important behind that can help various students, whether it’s learning life lessons, finding a safe place, or just having a good time while celebrating other cultures.” 

Torres says he has wanted to start the club since he was in ninth grade.

“When I started high school I thought a multicultural club could be a good addition to the school. I heard of other schools having them and profiting from the lessons with a positive effect on the community. So, this year I just thought I should get it started.”

Torres says he was also influenced by conversations with Blue Ridge alumni.

“I also talked to former Blue Ridge students who say they think they would have profited from having this kind of club when they were in school.”

Plans for the first meeting include voting for student officers and brainstorming activity ideas for the remainder of the school year.

For more information about the university’s multicultural center, see: 

Read more about Isaiah Torres at:


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Carlissia Mayancela
Carlissia Mayancela
Carlissia Mayancela is a Junior at Blue Ridge High School. She is in two clubs. During her free time she will listen to music. She also likes to spend time with family in her free time. 
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