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New BR Club: The Raider’s Guild

By: Jaydon Barile/ Junior Writer

Most people know Tobias Percario as the Blue Ridge High School Spanish teacher, but to some students he is the “Dungeon Master” and advisor for his school’s new role-playing club called The Raider’s Guild.

The club is meant for students who enjoy popular role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons (D & D).

According to the Well Played Board Game blog (, “The core of D&D is about storytelling. The group of players essentially tell a collective story, guiding heroes through dangerous quests to search for treasure, battle deadly foes, and even carry out daring rescues.”

One of the main attractions to D & D is that its accessible to every student.

Junior Destiny Hill says: “These games are 99 percent imagination. Anyone can play them so club meetings will be a good place for students to have fun and start friendships.”

When asked why he wanted to start the club, Percario said: “I used to play games like this as a kid and I had a great time. I want to pass on these games to the next generation at Blue Ridge so they can enjoy them as well.”

“As dungeon master,” Percario says, “my job will be to, create an adventure that is fun and challenging. For students, their job will eventually be to work together to survive. Right now, they are creating their own characters.”

The first informal meeting was held on December 6, 2023 and Percario says he plans to host meetings two to three time a week.

Photo of Dungeons and Dragons playing board by: Clint Bustrillos/Unsplash

Read more about roleplaying games here:

Learn more about Tobias Percario here:


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Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile is 16 years old and is currently a junior at Blue Ridge High School who lives in New Milford. He hopes to pursue a career as a restaurant owner. Jaydon Barile is trying to do well in highschool to give him more opportunities to go to college. This is Jaydon’s first year in journalism and he hopes to bring attention to different events that happen in his school.
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