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New Advisor Added to Envirothon

Science teacher Dr. Erin Brown, formerly a teacher at Susquehanna Community Schools, is advising the Blue Ridge Envirothon club this year. Science teacher Shirley Motyka is assisting her.

Envirothon is a science-based club where groups of five students team up to compete against other schools.

Brown says she is not new to Envirothon and is excited to be part of the club at Blue Ridge. She advised a club when she was at Parkland School District too.

“I have been part of Envirothon since 1996. At one time I was a state park environmental education specialist. While in that job I was asked to help teach at Envirothon events.”

Brown also participated in Envirothon during her own high school years.

BR Envirothon students are gearing up for this year’s county competition scheduled for May, 2023. They will need to be prepared to answer questions about forestry, aquatics, soils, wildlife and this year’s special interest category, climate change.

So far this year, club members have completed a stream study, planted bulbs around school property and attended the Susquehanna County Envirothon practice held at Salt Springs.

Brown says, “All indications are that the BR Envirothon teams will do well this year and possibly land in the top three.” 

Students that have previously participated in Envirothon agree.

Senior Griffin Whitehead says, “I think we will have a good year. I believe our new teammates will do well as long as they pay attention and take in the information being given to them.”

Senior Zach Randall says he loves the group’s outings: “I love learning about different things. I love all the trips and being able to comprehend information that will help me at competition.”

His favorite thing last year was the creek event and he is looking forward to similar trips this year.

“I think the more outdoor activities we have, the better. For me, hands-on activities are easy to learn from.”

“I also think focusing on one section at a time helps the most.” 

Whitehead says he is excited about the year: “I am looking forward to my new teammates and the new advisor, Brown.” 

“My favorite thing from last year was learning how to identify goose migration bands.”

Learn more about Envirothon here: https://www.residence.pa.gov/earth-day/exhibit-hall/Pages/Pennsylvania-Envirothon.aspx




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Dalton Rutter
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