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Nesting Bird

By Brendan Marvin/ Sophomore Writer

In the elementary school playground, there is a killdeer bird that has been seen protecting it’s eggs. The bird has been nesting there for about a week, and the male has been seen around too.

The elementary school administration has put caution tape around the bird’s nest to keep children away. This is a safety precaution as the bird is very protective and will run out at anyone that gets close.

In the nest, includes four eggs that will hatch into the next generation of killdeer and possibly come back to lay their eggs in a similar area in the years to come.

Killdeer are a very unique species of bird that use strategies unlike most birds to nest, and protect their young. For example, they don’t nest in trees high up to avoid predators, they usually prefer flat ground to nest, which seems as if it would make it easier to give themselves up to predators. This however is not usually the case as when they are frightened, they drag one of their wings across the ground as it walks away pretending to be an easy target. It then attracts the predator and draws it away from the nest. This method is usually very effective and protects the bird’s offspring.

Overall, this bird nesting in the playground has been an interesting learning experience for students all around Blue Ridge and has taught them something that is not commonly known.

Check out this article from the Raider Reader:

Check out this article from Cornell about Killdeer:


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