Monday, May 10, 2021

Negative Effects Of Screen Time On Students

By: Ben Marble/Junior Writer

Whether it’s zoom lessons, doing schoolwork on the screen, or being on your device, students have greatly increased their daily screen time during this pandemic. Long periods of time spent staring at a screen have a negative impact on your body, especially your eyes. Excessive screen time can cause retina damage and blurred vision in addition to straining your eyes. Constant screen time can cause these negative effects:

  1. Eye problems
  2. Sleep deprivation 
  3. Loss of social skills
  4. Neck discomfort 
  5. Lowered self-esteem
  6. Information Overload
  7. Increased risk of Obesity
  8. Weakened emotional judgement
  9. Susceptibly to chronic heath problems
  10. Language skills

For more information of negative effects of screen time click the links here and here.

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Ben Marble
Junior Ben Marble is a second year journalist. He aspires for a career in forensic science and would love to work for the CSI. His many hobbies include gaming, collecting horror films, participating in shooting sports and buying horror games that he is too scared to finish. Ben will talk to you about Star Wars any time of the day and he's been a die hard fan of the series since his Dad gave him a Chewbacca action figure when he was little.


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