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National Honor Society Leaf Raking Cleanup

By: Mary Kerr/Social Media Director

On Friday, October 26th 2018, some of the Blue Ridge National Honor Society members met at the New Milford park after school to clean up the leaves that have taken over the area. Sixteen students joined the society’s adviser, Ms. Sarah Yeust, to rake and bag leaves, collect large sticks, and clean up any garbage. Students worked hard to rake as many leaves as they could to clear up the park for the community members to enjoy before the snow comes!

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New Milford Park

Nine juniors and seven seniors teamed up to rake leaves into piles and bag them into garbage bags. The students bagged up a total of eighty four garbage bags. Volunteers also picked out any large sticks, and a few pieces of garbage that were found to help clean up the park. The students worked hard for almost two hours, and helped clear the park of all of the leaves. The purpose of this volunteer activity was to clean up a public area for the community members during the fall season. Similar to the spring road side clean up that the society performs, the leaf raking clean up was a smaller activity but still very beneficial to the New Milford Park.

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Top photo: National Honor Society Group, left photo: Danielle Goff(left) and Annie Bonner(right), Right photo: Tori Aukland(left), Morgan Mansfield(middle), and Bobby Reynolds(right)

This is the first leaf raking clean up held by the Blue Ridge National Honor Society, and it was pretty successful according to Jack Condon and Bobby Reynolds.

When asked how effective the clean up was, Junior Jack Condon said: “Overall it was very effective, we maybe didn’t make as much of an impact on the park as anticipated. However, we made an impact on the community and let them know that National Honor Society is willing to help out in the community so it was most definitely effective.”

In addition, senior Bobby Reynolds said: “I thought it went pretty well.  Everyone worked together to get what we could get done with the time allotted. I believe that what we got done in only two hours was very successful.”

IMG_2491 3
IMG_2492 3

Left photo: Jack Condon and right photo: Bobby Reynolds

The National Honor Society members spent their after school free time working hard to clean up a favorite place for many of our community members. You can always catch National Honor Society members giving back to our communities.


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