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National Honor Society Blood Drive

By: Morgan Mansfield/Sophomore Writer

Blue Ridge’s National Honor Society (NHS) hosted their second blood drive of the 2017-18 school year on Friday, February 23, 2018.  Forty donors were present at the blood drive.  Ten out of the forty present were unable to donate due to low iron levels and/or they’re temperature wasn’t within the correct standards.  The drive resulted in thirty productive units of blood, which will be used to save ninety lives.

Each donor gives one pint of his or her blood.  Blood is made up of three usable components; plasma, red blood cells, and platelets.  Each component of blood has a different use, so each pint of blood donated saves three lives.

“Don’t wait for a tragedy, have impulse,” said Kathy Rowinski, the account manager for Geisinger Blood Drives.

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood.  It is important to donate as often as possible.  If an accident happens today, blood that was given two weeks ago will be used.  If an accident happens today, donating blood in that instant won’t save that life, but it will save lives in the future.

“I find it interesting and the part about being able to save lives makes it even better,” said sophomore, Katelyn Bowyer.

All of the donors, except for three, were high school students.  For many of them, such as Bowyer, this was not their first time showing up to donate.  Bowyer was disappointed to find out she was unable to donate blood for the second time, but she fully supports the drives.

“These kids are great kids.  They are really here to help others.  This is a great day,” said Rowinski.


Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield is a third year journalism student, taking on her senior year of high school.  She spends most of her free time singing, playing, or writing music.  Fascinated by the human mind, Morgan plans to obtain a degree in Clinical Psychology and become a therapist to help people work through their troubles.

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