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My Media Day at Wilkes

By: Emma Davis/Editor-In-Chief

Wilkes University hosted a media day for journalism high school students on Friday, October 27, 2023, allowing them to tour the facilities, meet faculty, attend workshops and have lunch with Wilkes students who are majoring in communication.

The high school students were able to pick two workshops and experience a hands-on activity. Abby Laude, Madison Makosky and I attended with our advisor Kimberly Davenport.

Photo by: Emma Davis/Editor-in-Chief

The event was limited to 45 students, so I feel fortunate I could be part of the experience.

Thoughts and Feelings about Wilkes University

Personally, I think the campus is really cute and I enjoy it each time we visit. Everyone is very welcoming, and having an inside view of the college classroom experience is fun. It’s also amazing to have the opportunity to see where a communications degree can take you. My favorite part though had to be the many shared laughs I had with Abby and Madison.”

Abby Laude, a twelfth grader, also known as the senior feature editor for journalism says, “I felt like Mrs. Davenport gave me this awesome opportunity and I loved spending the day at Wilkes. My favorite part was getting Starbucks with the girls.”

Madison Makosky also a twelfth grader, the co-sports editor for journalism states, “I’m really glad I was able to go. It inspired me for the future. Walking around campus on such a sunny day made me love the campus even more.”

Thoughts from Our Journalism Teacher

Kimberly Davenport is the Blue Ridge High School journalism teacher who helps make sure her students have these opportunities. She was very excited when Wilkes announced they would be holding a media day and says she took students who are interested in a future career in communications.

“I loved that trip. I like giving our students a glimpse at what their future could be like if they choose to pursue a communication degree. I also liked talking to other journalism teachers and learning more about what they do with their classes. While you were attending workshops, we had the chance to compare notes and share resources to help each other out. That was an added benefit, of course, because the best part is always watching my students participate while having fun together.”

Pit Stop to End the Trip

Of course, the Starbucks located on campus could not be forgotten. So, before heading back home, the girls grabbed some refreshers and sat outside in the beautiful weather sharing their workshop experiences with Mrs. Davenport.

Photo taken by a kind stranger sitting at the table next to us.

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Emma Davis
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