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My First Concert Experience Since Covid-19

By: Danielle Tierney/Editor in Chief

Do you remember that one article I wrote? No, not that one. Last year I wrote an album review about the then new I Dont Know How But They Found Me album Razzmatazz (linked here if you want to know my opinion ttps:// Finally, after so many years of waiting, I got to see them live. I have been waiting for this moment ever since the release of their first EP 1981 Extended Play in 2018. Even now iDKHOW is a relatively small band, and prior to 2018 the band was a complete secret playing unreleased songs at shows that didn’t even have their name displayed. After seeing them grow so much and hearing their first song on the radio, this whole experience was a dream come true.

The show was in Syracuse, New York on September 25 at the venue The Lost Horizon. The Lost Horizon is legendary in New York, as it is the longest standing live music venue showcasing all genres in Central New York. Compared to what I have seen from other shows iDKHOW has played recently, this venue is definitely smaller than what they’re used to. However, smaller venues can be extraordinary. It was a very intimate experience. Those in the pit (including myself) truly got to see the band live. Who knows, maybe I even made eye contact with Dallon Weekes.

The Lost Horizon Venue in Syracuse, New York
Photo by David Lassman
*Not the iDKHOW concert, but an example of the venue size from another show

Though, I did notice the stage was low, and 6’3″ Dallon Weekes seemed to be very intimate with the ceiling.

In order to get into the show, you had to show proof of vaccination and ID, and it was required to wear a mask. With shows coming back, people definitely have mixed opinions about masks and proof of vaccination requirements, but it is the best way to keep everyone, including the band themselves, safe. Wearing a mask also didn’t hinder my experience any. I was still screaming the lyrics the same as everyone else around me. And if people want live shows to continue, I think they should respect the mask and vaccination requirements.

Now for the setlist…

  1. Do It All The Time
  2. Clusterhug
  3. New Invention
  4. A Letter (The Brobecks cover)
  5. Social Climb
  6. Kiss Goodnight
  7. Sugar Pills
  8. Boys Don’t Cry (The Cure cover)
  9. Need You Here
  10. Leave Me Alone
  11. Visitation of the Ghost (The Brobecks cover)
  12. Door
  13. Razzmatazz
  14. Nobody Likes The Opening Band
  15. Mad IQs
  16. Choke

(The last three songs were the encore.)

Here are some of my favorite memories from this concert.

I remember Dallon specifically introducing “Boys Don’t Cry” by saying this was a song for the more gothic members of the crowd. Immediately, I knew exactly what it was because they uploaded the same cover to Youtube. The Cure is another one of my favorite bands, so to see a band I really love play a cover of a song I really love made me so happy I could barely keep it contained.

As I said before, this band was playing songs in secret before the release of their EP and their album. Wait, so what songs did they play? Dallon was a part of a long forgotten indie band named The Brobecks, and he played a lot of their songs during that time. I didn’t want to see The Brobecks songs fade from the setlist even with the release of the album. They felt like a nice secret. Even if this tour could possibly be the last time The Brobecks covers get played live, I’m glad I got to see them. Normally, in Visitation of the Ghost pre-Covid, Dallon would separate the crowd and walk in between. He would sing at the crowd and have the crowd copy him back. Now, Dallon was definitely not supposed to do this at our show, but he did anyway. Dallon Weekes does not like people telling him what to do, and he often does the opposite out of spite. Which is also one of the reasons why the fanbase appreciates him so much.

Some of the Syracuse show “exclusives” I guess you could say are Door, Mad IQs, and of course Visitation of the Ghost. Door before its release was played on a ukulele, but the last time it was played was roughly sometime in 2018. Though it was played live before, this is the first time it was played after the album’s release, and also the first time using an electric guitar. Mad IQs was especially just for us. It was a new release from the album, and the people who went to the Syracuse show got to experience the first time ever that it was played live. The exclusivity in Visitation of the Ghost was the fact that this is the first time he has gone into the crowd since the pandemic. I think Dallon definitely took a liking to the atmosphere and crowd in The Lost Horizon, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten such a unique experience. To be honest, I did too. As a choir member, I was blown away as to how good of singers we were. When I saw twenty one pilots in the past, my experience with the singing was definitely a little… different, as well as with the crowd in general. Though, my only complaint about the crowd this time was that I was stuck behind a couple that seemed to be attached to one another.

In the song “A Letter,” Dallon likes to be choir director for the crowd. He raised his hands to signal it was our turn and then he cut us off. He is also able to make the two sides of the room sing in harmony. Which, in the good group of good singers that we were, was really fun.

Other memories would be how Dallon was ranting to everyone that he sees everyone in the room as his child and people he must protect, including all of the parents that came. It was at this moment he realized what he said, and someone in the crowd yelled “DADDY!”

“That does not mean… you can call me ‘daddy.’ That is inappropriate!”

Throughout the whole show, Dallon was his bubbly, sassy, sarcastic usual self and he truly does have a gift for performing.

The last experience I will share is when after a song was over, the room seemed to fall silent except for a loud repeating screeching noise, to which Dallon responded, “what the hell is that?”

Everyone burst into laughing, and Dallon started messing around with his guitar pedals. After a while, he shot up and said “yep, that was my fault.”

I will have a lot of memories to cherish from this concert, and I’m glad I finally got the chance to go to a concert that I have been wanting to go to for a long time. Though, I’m sure we all wish concerts could have came back sooner, it is better that bands and artists are prioritizing the health of their fans.

Are you looking forward to any concerts? Is iDKHOW a band you would consider seeing?


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Danielle Tierney
Danielle Tierney
Danielle Tierney grew up in Hallstead, Pennsylvania. She is a full-time student, with many hobbies on the side. Some of those hobbies include playing guitar, playing piano, playing ukulele, listening to music, lyrical ballet, riding bikes, and swimming. She would love to talk to you about the band The Strokes at any time of the day. Because she didn't have games on her old Windows XP desktop as a young kid, she wrote stories on Microsoft Word for fun.
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