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Experience with the Covid-19 Vaccine

By: JJ Rosa/Sophomore writer

The Raider Reader interviewed student Peyton Gelinger about how her experience went with getting the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Raider Reader: What inspired you to make an appointment to get the vaccine?

Peyton Gelinger: “I got the vaccine early because I work at a pizza place in New York and I’m considered an essential worker.”

RR: What was the experience like for you?

PG: “Pretty good I didn’t get sick as some others did. After the first dose, my arm felt sore the day after. After the second dose, I got bad muscle aches the day after and that was the only side effect I got.”

RR: Do you feel safer now?

PG: “I feel safer than before. I feel safer knowing that I can go to work, school, and dance without risking my health.”

RR: Do you feel like you’ve contributed to society’s chances of attaining herd immunity? Why?

PG: “I do! I think the only way we can finally get this pandemic over with is if everyone did their part.”

RR: Do you feel like you have more freedom now?

PG: “I’m excited now. Last year I wasn’t able to hang out with any of my friends because of the virus. Now I can finally hang out with them so I’m excited to do normal things again.”



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