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Murder, Deceit, and Justice

Media Review: Good Cop, Bad Cop, Episode 3: “Did You Kill Your Wife?” 

By: Max Ksenich/Junior Writer        

The story of Lynda Conrad Walker’s tragic death is a New Milford, PA murder mystery thirty-plus years in the making.

When Lynda died in 1983, investigators thought her death was a suicide. Years later, Greg Deck (who is currently the Blue Ridge School District’s school resource officer) says he was working as a criminal investigator with the state police when he was tasked with looking at old cases.

“One of those cases was Lynda’s–and something seemed off,” Deck says.

What happened next can be viewed in episode three of the six-episode series “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” released November 12, 2023 on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

According to IMDb, the series “describes officers’ efforts to solve a challenging murder case that has a shocking twist: the murderer is a fellow law enforcement officer.”

Lynda’s story is one of deceit, betrayal, murder and possibly–justice, and it is her husband, Montrose Police Sergeant John Walker, who is finally held responsible for her homicide.

Deck has a starring role in the “Good Cop, Bad Cop” episode that tells Lynda and John Walker’s story. It was filmed last year in New Milford and Hallstead, PA and some scenes were shot on the Blue Ridge School campus.

Deck, who comes across as a credible storyteller, and his co-workers retell the unexpected truth behind Lynda’s November 13, 1983 murder.

Lynda was 24 years old when she died from a gunshot to the chest. Her husband claimed in a 911 call that his wife Lynda used his hand gun to take her own life. Earlier that day Walker describes how he and Lynda had gotten into a heated argument and Lynda had threatened to take her own life. After their argument John left the residence and went to a local cafe, and then supposedly came back to find Lynda lifeless in their bed. 

Investigators soon arrived at the brutal, gut-wrenching scene to find the officer’s gun resting against Lynda’s side. At that point in time all answers pointed to the idea that Lynda had taken her own life by firing her husband’s police service weapon at her own chest. 

This was the conclusion to the case until Greg Deck came across the files from the case.  Immediately, investigator Deck noticed that it just did not add up, and after years of investigative work, Deck, along with his crew, found evidence that could be used to convict John Walker, including blood splatter reports, witness testimony and a new autopsy after the exhumation of Lynda’s remains.  John Walker pleaded no contest and was immediately sentenced to two years in prison on the charge of voluntary manslaughter.

This moment in the episode brings a sigh of relief but it also leaves the audience to wonder why John Walker, a cold-blooded murderer who had been hiding behind his blue uniform for so many years, received such a short sentence.  The answer to this question is that Greg Deck and his team were uncertain that some of their evidence would hold up in trial after so many years.

I found this show very enticing. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, from the inside information that was found to the intense interview with the killer himself.

The documentary was produced by Corey Wacinsky, an avid cinematographer whose credibility precedes him, alongside University of Ithaca alumni Ben Glasson and Brian Trueheart.

When discussing the episode in a classroom setting Greg Deck notes that he enjoyed spending his time with producer Corey Wacinski and described how Corey was always looking for the truth.

I would recommend this show to anyone who is interested in true crime and to those who seek the truth, as it is an intricate look into the many details that go into solving and prosecuting a murder case. The Lake County News in Clear Lake, California describes how troopers found Lynda and the weapon during their investigation in 1983 , “They rule it suicide, but a tenacious detective reopens the case decades later. Modern forensics, a double life and new witnesses turn the facts of the case on its head.” While this was all this source had to say on the episode, it seemed that they found it intriguing and dismaying. I personally would recommend the show to anyone who is in search of a mystery that dives into the depths and details of mayhem and murder.


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