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Mrs. Paterno’s First Grade class reuses Solar Eclipse Glasses

By: Emma Davis / Editor-in-Chief

On Monday April 8 2024 the Blue Ridge students experienced a total solar eclipse that occurred while they were in school. In order to prepare for this experience the students were each given a pair of glasses so they could safely view this once in a lifetime thing.

However, this once in a lifetime thing for Mrs. Paterno’s class will become a life long memory as they collect glasses that will be sent and reused in Latin America for their upcoming solar eclipse in August.

Mrs. Paterno said she discovered this idea through social media.

“I saw it going around on social media that there was a recycling program for solar eclipse glasses.” She explained.

Mrs. Paterno was also able to provide insight on how her students felt about this idea.

She stated, “They were very excited because they were doing an earth day project that involved reducing, reusing, and recycling. We are using the glasses as the reuse part of the project.

Although this act may be simple it goes along way with the growth of our first grade students.

“I think it makes them aware that there are people in other parts of the world that experience the same things we do.” Mrs. Paterno said.

See how you can participate:

Read past article about the solar eclipse:


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Emma Davis
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