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Mrs. Krause’s Six Word Memoir Door

By: Emma Davis/Editor-in-Chief

Walking throughout school hallways can be pretty dull but most teachers make it their goal to add a little color and inspiration for their students. Aimee Krause, a English teacher at Blue Ridge added a little twist creating a meaningful, fun, interactive, and decorative door.

The whole point for a six word memoir is to share your story in only six words. However, the students added a little bit of their own twist sharing their thoughts in six words as well.

Mrs. Krause’s Thoughts

Aimee Krause was interviewed on her idea behind this, what is meaningful about it, and what is so interesting about it.

She stated her idea behind this was, “to challenge the creative writing students to write a memoir of part of their lives in only six words. This idea came from “Creative Writing 101” by Stuart Abright who got the idea from “Smith Magazine.”

She also explained, “It is a brief statement of a life story in only six words so every word is important. It is hard to tell a story in six words so it is a challenge.” To share how meaningful something so simple like this is.

She mentioned, “It is interesting and neat to see the responses of those who participate. It is interesting to read other people’s words to make connections, laugh, or emphasize within our school community.”

Student’s Thoughts

Photo Taken By: Emma Davis

Many of the students remain anonymous with their six word memoirs except for their initials at the end that give them credit. The students we found willing to share their insight were interviewed on what was meaningful and interesting.

Katie Gordon, a senior, shared what was meaningful about the six word memoirs to her. She said, “they give you a way to narrow down your life to a few words- something you then realize can be said so easily. It may only be six words, but the combination gives a shocking result.” She also stated what she found interesting, “They can be a sentence that you know or just some phrases. It makes you think about your life in another way without long boring essays. It’s refreshing and something that is simple and complex at once. It’s also enjoyable to see the varying styles from everyone.”

Another student, Piper Jo Tripp, a junior, explained how meaningful it can be saying, “They can help people learn about themselves and explore who other people are.” When asked about what she thought was interesting, she mentioned, “I like looking at how other people view themselves.”

Add Your Six Word Memoir to the Door

In order to get your six words on the door it is very easy, all you have to do is write your six word memoir, include your initials at the end, and insert it into the envelope located on the right side of Mrs. Krause’s door. Then you can watch as your words add inspiration in the day to day lives of a student who might need it.

Add your six word memoir to the door. Photo Taken By: Emma Davis

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