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Movie Review: The Hate U Give

By: Cassie Clapper/ Senior Writer

Back in October, I saw a movie that still resonates with me–and probably always will, The Hate U Give. The reason the movie had such an impact is that it made me think about the treatment my cousins, who are eleven and twelve, may inevitably face as they become part of society.

You see, my cousins are of a different race than I am. I’m white, they’re black.

The movie, based on a novel of the same title, tells the story of black teenager Starr Carter, at least at first glance. As the story line develops, it becomes obvious that the tale of Starr Carter is actually a commentary on our society and the social inequality that is maintained when a combination of racism and stereotyping work together.

In this movie, sixteen-year-old Starr is sent to a private school to escape the drugs, alcohol and rampant teen pregnancy that is prevalent at her own high school. Ironically, the decision to send Starr to private school is made by her parents who insist on remaining residents of Garden Heights, Starr’s home community, because “our people are here.” They instill a sense of pride in their children about being part of their cultural community, yet are extremely forward with their parental explanations of what it means to be part of that community.

Unfortunately, one of the things her parents can’t protect her from is racism. Starr’s parents work hard to keep her safe, and that includes preparing her for the harsh realities of being a minority–especially, the dangers of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This warning ends up serving as foreshadowing as the plot unfolds when Starr witnesses her good friend–Khalil–get shot over a misunderstanding that involves racial profiling.

Without giving away the ending, the main idea is that this movie will make you think about our society in a different way, no matter you cultural identity.

While the story is action-filled, it is also about “family,” and the overall message is very positive, “It’s not the hate you give, it’s the hate we give.”

I give this movie five stars.


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Danni-Lee Brown
Danni-Lee Brown
5 years ago

Amazing job Cassie!

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