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More Than What Meets the Eye: Dungeon Art

By: Taylor Holtzman/Freshman Writer

“The Dungeon,” home to art classes, woodworking classes, and metal tech classes, is a place where the most creative part of a student’s mind is stimulated, as well as a place where many students go to work on things that mean a lot to them while expressing themselves. Students, along with adults, go through a lot of stress every day. So, having a place or activity where you can put your emotions into something without using words is very exciting and helps with stress.

Everyone has their own unique personality, whether it be shy, independent, creative, sad, happy, etc. Gathering paint or a sander to make something that means the world to you, and for other people to view it and understand your emotions just by your artwork, is truly amazing.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or make sense to the person who is viewing it. As long as you, the artist, can understand why you put those types of your emotions into it, that’s all that matters. The same goes for working with wood. You can make a little wooden figurine that only makes sense to you or symbolizes something that only you know about. For example, you could make a bird that is in mid-flight. This could represent how your life is going; it’s not over yet, but at least you’re still flying and not giving up. If the person that is viewing your artwork does get this, great for you. If they don’t, great for you. Just because one person doesn’t like it or understand it doesn’t mean anything. Work harder next time and really try. If you are not the kind of person that doesn’t take feedback about something you made and try to fix your artwork based on the feedback, then it’s probably best to avoid negative interactions.

Not everyone is going to have the same outlook on things as you. So I advise you to keep your artwork to yourself or show a close family member or friend you trust so that when they give you feedback, you will take it and make some changes as you move forward. Everyone has a different point of view, and some people never realize how much art means to others. Some are so involved that they actually make art as a career. Still today, people can express themselves in music, poetry, and/or anything that can make the person who is viewing or reading understand what has been made and make the artist feel great with what they have created.

After every piece someone made, they feel emotionally attached to their piece/writing. They put their all into something and make the most of it. So when they are done, they feel accomplished in what they are doing. It can make the person feel very good about themselves. After they are done with the artwork/piece they were working on for so long, they feel like they have to make more changes or make what they made more “better.” People are always questioning why they didn’t do better on it. When in all reality, they did amazing.

Everybody needs to celebrate what they have accomplished from their project and/or if they can still practice to become better at what they are doing. In the dungeon, the teachers allow you to put your piece on the walls, or in glass cases around the entrance to the high school. As people walk into school, they can view your artwork. Some of the people that walk by can give feedback to you or the school. It can be positive or negative. But whatever it is, it will help you create more beautiful things. You will feel excited to show people your work, and you also will be able to do more changes in your next art piece. It will challenge you mentally and physically to make your art more focused on to express more feelings than to express anything else. It can be with color, or even shapes that can represent/express what you want others to see. The way people view things through their eyes are way different than how you view things.


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Taylor Holtzman
Taylor Holtzman
This is my first year doing journalism as a freshman writer. I enjoy being alone and having things very quiet. I usually am either working on my drawings or listening to music. Having things quiet or me listening to music makes me calm down and I can really focus on my work. I'm a very quiet person in social situations but if you take the time to talk to me, I'm not what u may seem I would be.
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