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Midterm Schedule Announced

By: Hanna McCarthy/Senior Writer

This year midterms are required for all students and are scheduled for Tuesday, January 17 through Friday, January 20.

According to BRSD principal Casey Webster, “Midterms were suggested by the teachers before COVID hit to give the students more experience with larger tests, and also to split the curriculum tested into two marking periods instead of a full four marking period final.”

Not every student supports the idea, though.

BR senior Hannah Snedaker says, “Midterms are stupid, I don’t understand why we are just randomly adding them this year.”

However, junior Angelina Reynolds says, “Not everyone is good at taking tests, so failing the final, which would be 20% of your grade without a midterm, can really plummet your grade. So, I think splitting up the class material between two tests makes more sense. So, yes I think the midterm is a good idea.”

The reasoning for midterms, says BRSD teacher Harold Allen, is really to set students up for success on finals.

“I think it can be beneficial, because it breaks up the information so that it isn’t as overwhelming for them at the end of the year.”

Even so, some students believe that those with an “A” average should be exempt from final exams, including the mid-term.

Junior Kelsey Wolfe says: “It used to be anyone with a grade of at least 93% and an attendance record with 10 or less absences was exempt from finals. I don’t see why that’s changed. Now only seniors can be exempt. I’m upset about it.”

The decision to make midterms mandatory, though, actually comes down to preparing students who are college-bound for future academic challenges.

BRSD school board member Heather Barbour says: “Kids were going into college without the experience of taking longer tests. We [the school board] want our Blue Ridge students to be ready for the future. We think being prepared to take larger tests is pretty important.”

Although there are no exemptions for students when it comes to the midterm, the final exam is a different story.

According to the BR 2022-23 handbook, there is an exemption on the final exam for seniors and AP test takers who have a “cumulative total of 10 or less missed classes in [the test subject] and have a final grade of 93% and greater.”

The school board voted on Monday, August 14, 2022 to amend the MS/HS handbook, page 21, to include the following wording: “MID-TERM EXAM (no exemption); All students take a midterm exam; This is a comprehensive exam that covers the first 2 [two] semesters of school; FINAL EXAM (no exemption).”

The amended midterm exam wording can now be found on page 22 of the Blue Ridge High School Student Handbook, 2022-23.



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Hanna McCarthy
Hanna McCarthy
Hanna McCarthy is currently a senior at Blue Ridge. She is the president of National Honor Society, the president of Science Club, the vice president of FBLA, the vice president of Leo Club, the vice president of Student Council, the vice president of SADD and Secretary of the class of 2023. Hanna loves to play golf and basketball for the Lady Raiders. Her favorite thing to do outside of school is spending time with her friends and family.
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