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Middle School Student Wins Sweepstakes

By: Annie Bonner/Content Editor

Sixth grader, Stanley Bourassa, won a prize for, get this, doing math problems! All middle school students are using a program called MobyMax to work on developing their skills in a variety of subject areas. After completing a certain number of problems, you can obtain sweepstakes tickets, game time, or an actual product. After completing a number of problems, Bourassa got to choose from one of four different products, and he chose earbuds. He was also able to choose a prize for his class, and he chose finger boards. Bourassa is the first student in Blue Ridge to win a product from MobyMax.

Bourassa said, “I got the sweepstakes for doing math, so I was happy when I got the prize for free.”

This could be motivation to other Blue Ridge students to work hard and develop their skills in different subject areas, because if they do, they could win prizes.

His teacher, Mrs. Woosman, says, “I think other students seeing that their time can turn into winning a prize would be motivational to them!”

For more information on MobyMax, you can visit


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