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Meteorology With Mazikewich

Alec Mazikewich as the weatherman for WBNG.

By: Max Ksenich / Junior Writer

How many students get to see their teacher at school and on their flat screen at home…Not many! Students at Blue Ridge are lucky enough to have their very own former weatherman as their teacher.

Alec Mazikewich is not only a science teacher here at Blue Ridge but also previously worked as a weather forecaster at Channel 12 News Station, where he predicts weather for the city of Binghamton and surrounding areas. When he is not at the weather station predicting the forecast, you can find Mazikewich teaching Blue Ridge’s newly integrated meteorology course, where students are immersed into the world of meteorology learning information on not only how our weather works but how to predict it.

Mr. M’s Class

Students at Blue Ridge seem to really be enjoying Mazikewich’s meteorology course. In an interview with meteorology student Dawson Stepniak, he explains how he really finds this course very informative and he especially enjoys learning about the severe weather including hurricanes and thunderstorms.

After asking Stepniak what he enjoys most about the class he replied with: “I really like learning about severe weather and really going deep into the subject, Mazikewich helps me get a deeper understanding of what we are learning.”

Having an official meteorologist as a teacher not only makes this course unique, but also provides students with a deeper understanding for the subject. I spoke to the weatherman himself and he talked about the benefits of having prior knowledge on the subject and how it benefits him as a teacher.

Along with this, Mazikewich says it is important to be aware of the dangers of weather: “I think in this day and age with all the severe weather that were seeing and flash flooding occurrences, it’s the safety aspect of weather that we need to keep in mind.”

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