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Mental Health Assembly

By: Isabelle Morris/Content Editor

Administrators brought grades 6-12 into the auditorium for an assembly on mental health on December 7, 2018. More and more, people recognize mental health as something just as important to discuss, acknowledge and treat as physical health. In coordination with the administration, Jordan Burnham delivered an inspiring and touching story on his own mental health ups and downs, and how he is still working to overcome by minding his mind.

The company that Burnham is a representative of, Minding Your Mind, has a message “breaking the silence through education.” They strive to ‘provide mental health programs to students, parents, teachers and their community in the Greater Philadelphia area.’ This company strives to bring light to mental health issues by making them more acceptable to talk about. Minding your Mind programs “move away from crisis based response to prevention through education.”

According to BR High School principal, Casey Webster, “Jordan Burnham was a part of  an awareness initiative paid for by Susquehanna County.” She also remarks that she is “grateful we had the opportunity to hear Jordan’s story and bring awareness and acceptance to mental health illness.” 

Mr. Matthew Nebzydoski, principal of curriculum, says that “the program was funded by the Advocacy Alliance and organized by Diane Hawley-Wurth, Susquehanna County Suicide Awareness Coordinator.”  

When BR social studies teacher Alicia Ross was asked her thoughts on the assembly she remarked, “Jordan Burnham was a powerful  presence in our school that day. He has such an interesting life story that seemed to grab the attention of our students and a great message about the importance of our mental health and the importance of getting help if you need it. I was also impressed by the thoughtful questions that our kids asked.”


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Isabelle Morris
Isabelle Morris
Isabelle Morris is a current senior and is in her first year of Journalism. She is apart of various clubs such as Prom committee, FBLA, Homecoming committee, and is currently Leo Club President and the Treasurer for the National Honor Society. She will be attending Le Moyne College in the fall of 2019 to pursue a career in business.
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