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Memorializing the Class of 2024

By: Caila George/Assistant Senior Feature Editor

The Blue Ridge class of 2024 is one of the most involved classes, ever, according to Katherine Heeman.

“These students are involved in sports and clubs–and then they are also busy supporting each other’s success, going to games to watch their friends play, etc.”

When talking to the class of 2024 just in the hallways a few have said they will miss the environment, their friends and their teachers. 

Teachers say they will miss this year’s seniors after they graduate.

Heeman said, “I will miss how energetic and fun they are. The class of 2024 is really great at creating good memories at prep rallies and with each other.”

Social studies teacher Ben Orner said: “I will miss this group a lot because all of their personalities are unique and I think they are pretty nice kids.”

Heeman said, “The most memorable thing I can think of about the class of 2024 is how supportive they are of each other. The class of 2024 has made sure to support each other even if they are not the closest of friends. They will go to each others’ games and congratulate each other when they achieve something good.” 

Class of 2024 Impacts

As many people know, the class of 2024 has a huge impact within the school.

“Many people have said that they think the school atmosphere will change after we graduate, says senior Carlie Thornton. Even so,  I believe the younger kids will step up.”

Teachers have had to witness some of the class of 2024 running through the halls screaming.

“Even though they are a crazy class in some ways, they have mellowed out throughout the years.”

Heeman says she believes this because not only has the class grown up a lot, but because the simple things don’t bother them as much. 

The class of 2024 lines up in Washington, D.C./Photo by: Lori Zick

Their Involvement in Sports

Currently, according to BR Athletic Director Nick Swaha, the seniors make up up about 31% of the athlete count at Blue Ridge.

Heeman, when asked if she thinks the sports numbers will decrease after the class of 2024 graduates, said: “Sports numbers go in waves, but what will decrease is the sports spirit attendance. There are many seniors who attend games, meets and races, but there are not that many underclassmen that have been attending the games.”

The class of 2024 lines up at the Capital building in Washington, D.C./Photo by: Lori Zick

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Caila George
Caila George
Caila is a senior that is striving for greatness in school to pursue her dream to become an Event Planner and run track and field in college. Caila runs for the track and field team here at Blue Ridge. In Caila’s free time, she enjoys the company of her friends and family. Caila loves to read books, run, and work hard to achieve her dreams. She is a part of the National Honor Society, Leo Club, SADD, Prom Committee, and Events and Operations Assistant for Blue Ridge’s Athletic Director.
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