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Flash Back Thursday: Make Your Life Better, Watch These

Previously Published – By: Jeshua DeJesse/BR Graduate

In this unbelievably original article, I will be discussing (or writing about) the best television, in my opinion, currently on television, or on the internet. These recommendations have been highly thought out, and if anyone is disappointed by any of these endorsements, then they can get a refund by complaining to no one. It doesn’t matter, though, because these recommendations are flawless and the stuff of legends, like Chip Kelly.



If you take (I’m assuming at least one person will read this) any suggestion off of this list, this is the one to follow. Community is an absurd sitcom set in a community college. The heart of the show is actually the hilarious characters; they all come from messed up backgrounds and depend on the group of friends they find at the school. That may not sound extremely groundbreaking, but, pound for pound, this is the funniest show that’s been on television in the last century. It even has relatable characters to boot. The new season of Community will be on Yahoo, so everyone can watch it for free, just go to and search Community.

Where to watch: Yahoo Screen, premiering March 17

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

This is a new show that just premiered on Netflix. It comes from the creator of 30 Rock, Tina Fey, and it has the same high quality of jokes as 30 rock. The premise is that a woman who has been trapped in an underground cult for 15 years finally gets out and starts a new life in New York City. For this dark of a premise, the show is surprisingly optimistic; the main character never gives up on her goals, even when she’s faced with some impossible obstacles, like Indiana’s worst wedding Dj. The show is short, and the whole first season can be burned through in a couple of hours. You wouldn’t be wasting your time; you would be savoring it.

Where to watch: Netflix




Comedy Bang! Bang!

Comedy Bang! Bang! is an whimsical fake talk show that is intertwined with sketches. The host, Scott Aukerman, is currently the funniest interviewer in the business. Each week a new, famous celebrity goes on to the show and partakes in the wackiness; the guests can range from Jon Hamm to Kid Cudi. Part of the show is improvisation with a comedian playing a character with an appalling background. This show is an amalgamation of many different types of comedy, and they all work and blend together well.

Where to watch: IFC on Fridays at 11pm


Kroll Show

This show takes the crown as the best sketch show since Chappelle’s Show. I love Portlandia and Key and Peele, but Kroll Show just raises the bar too high. The characters are what make Kroll Show so special. They grow and get attached to the viewer. It’s also hilarious. The show employs super specific comedy; they do a spot on parody called Pawnsylvania. It’s based on two pawn shops across the state and the competition between the owners, who happen to be cousins. These characters don’t just stay in their own sketches, though. Many times, they will cross over and meet the other characters in the show, and those are the best moments. Sometimes the characters will even go on Comedy Bang! Bang!

Where to watch: Comedy Central on Tuesdays at 10:30pm


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

You know what this show is. It’s great; go watch it.

Where to watch: FXX on Wednesdays at 10pm



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