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Love, Simon

By: Cassie Clapper/ Junior writer

March eighteenth was when I had an experience to remember. Travelling to the movie theater, my excitement rose each second that I got closer. I was ready to be amazed.

Love, Simon is centered around seventeen year old Simon Spier. This character is played by Nick Robinson. His last year in high school is complicated. He hasn’t told his family or friends that he’s gay. Along with that, he also tries to find the identity of a fellow classmate who he has fallen in love with. His friends take part in the lies that Simon tells them. During this journey, Simon faces his own agitation and confusion. It’s hilarious, terrifying, and life changing.

Before the movie started, I had my doubts. I had questions along the way and my curiousness went to happiness by the end. Some of my questions were:

Who’s ‘Blue’?

Is the movie as good as the trailer?

What challenges will Simon face?

How will this movie affect the audience and our future?

In the beginning, Simon tells us of himself and who his friends and family are. When his best friend, Leah, calls him about the new gay kid at school, Simon goes online to see the new kid’s post. They start emailing each other at home, then at school. Simon only knew him as ‘Blue’. One time in the library, Simon leaves his account on when he leaves the library after turning the computer monitor off. Martin goes on the same computer he used and looked at his emails that were left open. Martin blackmails Simon to help him get a girl he likes. If he helps Martin, his emails won’t get leaked. As Simon helps the guy, he looks for real world ‘Blue’. Along the way, he lies to his friends to keep them from questioning about his actions with Martin. But, those lies come back to him when Martin leaked his emails to the world because the guy got rejected. His life got upside down due this action. In the end, he got his friends back, he was accepted by his family, and a dream Ferris wheel moment comes to life.

I liked the friendships that they had. The different guys who were possible to be ‘Blue’ was a great way to show Simon’s way of thinking. The high school drama was very normal and not as critical to some people in our world today.

I’d like to tell more of what was great to me, but every review has to have some critical opinions. I like and hated the ending due to the wait on the Ferris wheel. I didn’t think that Martin was the greatest character. Some things were too sad and depressing. Other things were relatable. I will agree that not everyone deals with coming out the same. I also agree that this is different from other love movies that I’ve seen.

Overall, Love, Simon was a new movie in 2018 that showed the hardships of a teenage boy. He had his ups and downs. In the end, it turned into a beautiful moment to remember. In my perspective, it’s a new experience to see something as different as Love, Simon. If you ever get a chance to see this movie, do it; it’s worthwhile. It will warm your heart.


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