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Logical Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump this 2020 Election

By: Carissa Zawiski/Editor in Chief

Even if you don’t like Donald Trump as an individual, you must realize that much of the agenda set by the Republican party has been effectively pushed forward by his administration.

Trump’s crew has done more for the conservative agenda than almost any previous President, from nominating judges and Supreme Court judges, to introducing tax cuts, to increasing military spending, and more. Trump is strongly associated with Republican values, and I see that the administration of Trump has led policies that I support in terms of principles. I believe more the same would be seen in the second term. 

Secondly, there are many questions as to whether Joe Biden is in decline in awareness. Now that he is a candidate for President, that is a valid cause for concern. For talk shows and podcasts, the amount of embarrassments he has made on the campaign trail has become common for him. On the other hand, Trump is able to point to the promises he said in his first campaign, and show that he followed through with his promises unlike most politicians. For example, Trump vowed to lower the corporate tax rate before the election in 2016, and bringing about the major tax cuts for working Americans. After the election, the Republican tax bill passed in December 2017, and while its merits are fiercely debated, it crosses the box for the president to a large degree. On his commitment to reduce corporate tax from 35% to 15% it would be 21% instead, he had to compromise.

Moving on to other reasons why voting for Trump would be the best decision. Trump’s economic numbers were outstanding prior to the pandemic. Democrats want to point to the fact that President Obama left Trump with a great economy, but the country grew under Trump’s economic plan, and for the best better part of 3.5 years, before the worldwide epidemic struck, the nation was on an upward swing.

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President Trump has overturned the old outdated economic policies and ushered in a new age for the United States of economic prosperity. Under President Trump, actual GDP growth has beaten the forecasts of the Congressional Budget (CBO) last year and surpassed the pace of expansion of the Obama administration. In 2019 alone, the economy added more jobs than the CBO expected would be generated over the first three years of the President in office. Through the initiatives of the President, millions of jobs have been introduced to our economy, generating new opportunities for every American. The unemployment rate last year hit its lowest level in half a century. Unemployment rates have reported record lows for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Americans without a high school degree, and disabled Americans. Under the Trump economy, people who haven’t had an opportunity to work for years, are now working. Under President Trump, the prime-age labor force has grown by 2.3 million since declining by about 1.6 millions under the previous administration. The economy is growing right now and it will continue to grow in the second term. For more information about Trump’s economy click the link here.  

When COVID-19 first started, top Democrats and media figures quickly criticized the move as needless and xenophobic within hours of President Trump’s decision to ban travel from China on January 31. They had led a hasty exit from that stance when the coronavirus continued to harm the economy and cause numbers of deaths. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden led the way, immediately criticizing what he called Trump’s “hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering record” after the travel restrictions were revealed, and arguing that Trump “is the worst person possible to lead our nation through a global health emergency.” Biden did not condemn the travel ban in any way, instead accusing Trump of “downplaying” our country through a global health emergency. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Trump remained calm, balancing our need for protection and our need for a healthy economy. He sent a hospital ship, ventilators, needed staff, and cash to the states that were hit hardest by the virus. More significantly, he closed our borders early on and blamed China, where it started, directly. To verify this information click the link here.

Lastly, since he loves America, I highly urge you to vote for Trump. Conservative judges are named by him, he’s opposed to abortion, he defends my rights to weapons, he’s against political correctness, and He promotes religious liberty. He developed a great economy; there were jobs for individuals of all races. Trump replaced NAFTA, returned employment to this country, works to control our borders, and he broke out a contract with Iran. He engineered peace negotiations in the Middle East, vanquished ISIS, killed terrorists, and pushed back on China at last. He has reconstructed our army and started the Space Force. Trump believes in secure streets, supports our law enforcement, and speaks out against robbing crowds that are violent and lawless. In Congress, the media and in the streets, he fearlessly refuses to be bullied by racial bullies. Trump makes more of an attempt than any other Republican president in my life to support people of color. He completed the overhaul of criminal justice, essential to so many people of color.

Check out Peyton Gelinger’s opinion piece support Joe Biden here:


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John Zawiski
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