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Krause Encourages Passion

By: Emma Davis/ Editor-in-Chief

According to a recent Blue Ridge student survey, English teacher Aimee Krause is the teacher who encourages students to follow their passion.

The student survey is a product on the school-wide social and emotional learning (SEL) program. Every Wednesday, Blue Ridge students attend an SEL class where they complete activities with their classmates which are meant to teach self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Students also respond to surveys that correspond to lesson themes being taught.

The most recent survey asked students to pick a teacher who encourages them to follow their passion. Krause received the most votes.

Although surprised, Krause says: “I feel flattered that students picked me.”

She was asked about what encourages her to motivate her students.

“I like students. I like what I teach, and I like teaching in general. I think students see this about me which helps me to be motivated and to be motivating.”

Asked if she has advice for her students, Krause says, “Stay Positive.”

Student Survey Response Commentary

Once the students were able to pick the teacher of their choice they were asked why. Later some of their statements were included anonymously on the paper stating the winner.

One student mentioned how she is always pushing them to do their best by providing positive energy.

“She always pushes me to do my best and never lets me give up. She helps others set goals for themselves and helps them achieve them. Even if you are having a bad day she will always support you and push you to always do 110% even if you don’t think you can. She never wants to  see someone upset or let down so she always brings positive vibes and encourages you to be you and do what you do best. She has a major impact on Students’ lives and we are very grateful to have her as a teacher here at Blue Ridge.”

Another student picked her because of her willingness to help them understand the topics she’s teaching.

“I picked this teacher because she is always willing to help and can explain things kids will understand and has a good personality just to help and always make you want to be happy.

For other students it’s simply;

“Best Teacher Ever.”

Among the many negatives one positive teacher can create the biggest impact among many students giving the motivation needed to follow their dreams.

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Emma Davis
Emma Davis
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