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Knowledge Matters Scholarship

By: Jaydon Barile/Junior Writer

Blue Ridge teacher, Julia Moak, utilizes the Knowledge Matters website in her entrepreneurial classes, for students to create their own virtual businesses. She has used these simulations to show students how business concepts are applied to the real world, which has been an amazing opportunity for Blue Ridge students.

When asked about their opinions on the topic, senior Carson Gallagher said, “Overall the class was pretty good, and the website runs some very good simulations.”

In addition, junior Andrew Kowalewski said, “I think that Knowledge Matters is a great website which can be utilized to better student’s futures”

According to the Knowledge Matters’ site, the company is the leading provider of interactive educational simulations for teaching business, marketing, and personal finance literacy, and they can be found in more than one-third of American high schools. This company sets up interactive learning simulations to engage students in real life business concepts. 

The Knowledge Matters’ site allows students to run business simulations and measure performance. This helps students who are looking to pursue a career in business and also provides a foundation of business and finance literacy to all Blue Ridge students. 

This year they released the “Knowledge Matters Scholarship Challenge” which allows students from all over the United States to run a business and compete for up to $5,000 in scholarship awards. This year Blue Ridge joined in on the competition and allowed all the students to participate for free. This is an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in visual learning of important business ideas and potentially use scholarship money to further their education into business. 

While no Blue Ridge students placed, they still had fun and expanded their knowledge on the subject and hopefully next year students will have a chance to earn awards from these scholarships. 

When asked about their thoughts about the “Knowledge Matters Scholarship Challenge”, Junior Brian Derrick said, “It was pretty cool. It was a good challenge and got some of our kids to compete.” 

Regardless of the results, many students had fun joining in on the scholarship challenge and hope for Blue Ridge to offer it again next year.

To learn about upcoming Knowledge Matters Scholarships:

To learn about student’s college plans:


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Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile
Jaydon Barile is 16 years old and is currently a junior at Blue Ridge High School who lives in New Milford. He hopes to pursue a career as a restaurant owner. Jaydon Barile is trying to do well in highschool to give him more opportunities to go to college. This is Jaydon’s first year in journalism and he hopes to bring attention to different events that happen in his school.
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