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Kaleb Norton’s New Ink

By: Hanna McCarthy/Senior writer

Kaleb Norton acquired four new pieces of tattoo art on his body in the past two weeks. I decided to interview Norton and ask about his latest works of self-expression (2/01/2023).

Kaleb's Snake tattoo Kaleb's Butterfly tattooKaleb's Album Cover tattooKaleb's Album Cover tattoo Kaleb's Rose Tattoo

Interview with Kaleb Norton, 16 years old, BR junior

Hanna McCarthy: When and where did you get your tattoos?

Kaleb Norton: This year, on January 14 and January 17, Eric Lusk at Hellstead Manor

Hanna: What tattoos do you have, and where are your tattoos?

Kaleb: I have a Rolling Stones album tribute under my right forearm; a Deftones Ohms album tribute under my right elbow; a Mike DeBeer Butterfly on my right hand; an Eric Lusk custom snake on the top of my right forearm, and a rose (on left thumb).

Hanna: What is the significance of each tattoo?

Kaleb:  The rose is for my niece, Serenity, the album covers are my favorite artists, and the butterfly is for my dad who passed away when I was younger.

Hanna: Did you put a lot of planning into your tattoos, or were they based on impulsive decisions?

Kaleb: They were all planned and booked a year ago.

Hanna: Do you think you will regret any of the tattoos you have gotten?

Kaleb: No, because music and insects live forever.

Check out Darkhouse Tattoo Parlor where Kaleb got his ink:

(5) Darkhouse Tattoo Parlor | Hallstead PA | Facebook

Also, check out last edition of new ink at Blue Ridge here:

The Truth Behind the Tattoos: Dillon Macleod | Raider Reader Online News


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Hanna McCarthy
Hanna McCarthy
Hanna McCarthy is currently a senior at Blue Ridge. She is the president of National Honor Society, the president of Science Club, the vice president of FBLA, the vice president of Leo Club, the vice president of Student Council, the vice president of SADD and Secretary of the class of 2023. Hanna loves to play golf and basketball for the Lady Raiders. Her favorite thing to do outside of school is spending time with her friends and family.
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