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Kaleb Hinkley and his Love for Golf

By: Grace Graf: Staff reporter

Ninth grade BR student Kaleb Hinkley says he “loves golf.”

Hinkley joined the BR golf team this year but has played the sport since he was little.

When asked who inspired him to play golf Hinkley says, “My dad inspires me. He plays golf too.” 

His favorite part of golf is being part of the team and putting. 

Hinkley stated that his favorite place to play golf is at the Golden Oaks Golf course in Windsor, NY. 

As to why he decided to play golf and why he chose it over another school sport, Hinkley says: 

“I started playing when I was little but my mom helped me become a part of the team.”

His reason for choosing golf over any other school sport was that it’s his favorite sport. 

His coach Jim Barbour says, “It’s been a joy to have Kaleb as part of our team this year. He clearly loves the game of golf. His personality brightens people’s day when he is out there with the team.”

Hinkley is an important part of the team. Barbour says, ” I’m not sure who benefits more, Kaleb or the team for just having him present.”

Barbour says he appreciates how excited Hinkley gets when he makes a good shot and how he’s encouraging others when they make a good shot.

“Over all, it’s great to see him enjoy the game of golf and be a part of the BR golf team!”


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Grace Graf
Grace Graf
Grace always loved to write which is what led her to taking journalism. She works very hard in school and is always studying. Outside of school Grace loves to spend her time outdoors and with friends and family. During the summer you will find Grace on her horse either on a trail ride or at a horse show.
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