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Is It Too Early For Christmas?

By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Assistant to the Editor

Once upon a time in a Christmas wonderland… wait, wait, wait! You think it’s too early for Christmas? I would highly disagree, but to get other people’s opinions about this topic, I went around and took a survey to hear their thoughts.

What is your favorite Holiday?

(Freshman) Mikayla Wilson– “Halloween because you get to eat lots of candy.”

(Freshman) Zachary Randall– “Christmas because of the time spent with family, the true meaning of Christmas, and presents of course.”

(Sophomore) Carl Potter– “I’d say Christmas, not only for presents, but I get to spend time with family.”

(Sophomore) Trista Stone– “Christmas is my favorite Holiday probably because of the whole Christmas vibe. The music, everyone’s happy, the decorations, and all the movies. It all just makes it so special.”

(Junior) Sierra Bross– “Halloween because I love handing out candy to little kids.”

(Junior) Garrett Loby– “Halloween because it’s just cool and fun.”

(Senior) Sarah Marble– “Christmas, because of the true meaning of Christmas, and spending time with family.”

(Senior) Lucas Debella– “I don’t really have a favorite Holiday.”

When do you put your Christmas tree up?

(Freshman) Mikayla Wilson– “A week before Christmas.”

(Freshman) Zachary Randall “The first week of December.”

(Sophomore) Carl Potter– “The weekend after Thanksgiving.”

(Sophomore) Trista Stone– “Well, I would put our tree up the day after Halloween, for me personally, but my mom doesn’t let me. So we put it up sometime in November.”

(Junior) Sierra Bross– “Usually sometime after Thanksgiving.”

(Junior) Garrett Loby– “The first week of December, usually.”

(Senior) Sarah Marble “The weekend after Thanksgiving.”

(Senior) Lucas Debella– “My family puts it up sometime after Thanksgiving.”

Do you think that it’s to early for Christmas? Why or why not?

(Freshman) Mikayla Wilson– “No, because we are really close to Thanksgiving and Christmas season should be starting.”

(Freshman) Zachary Randall– “Yes, because it’s not Thanksgiving yet.”

(Sophomore) Carl Potter– “No, not really, it’s not like you have Thanksgiving decorations.”

(Sophomore) Trista Stone– “No it’s not early for Christmas, it’s never too early!”

(Junior) Sierra Bross– “No, but we get a real tree so we have to wait a little while before we put it up.”

(Junior) Garrett Loby– “Not at all, after Halloween it becomes Christmas season.”

(Senior) Sarah Marble “Yes, you should wait until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas.”

(Senior) Lucas Debella– “I do think it’s too early, you at least have to wait until December starts.”

Overall, the majority of the students seems to think that it is not to early for Christmas!


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