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Impactful Teachers – Mrs. Michelle Montague

By: Carissa Zawiski/Sophomore Writer

Blue Ridge Resource teacher, Mrs. Michelle Montague, has had a positive impact on many of her students throughout her years of teaching at Blue Ridge.

Sophomore Isaac Arzola- Velez is one of those students impacted by Montague. Arozla-Velez, has had Montague for both his Freshman and Sophomore years of high school. With the time they’ve spent together, the two have formed a bond with each other. She is always pushing Arzola-Velez to his best even when he is at his lowest.

Arzola- Velez said, “She really helps me with controlling my anger and getting through the day.”  He also said that she is very helpful in so many other ways. For example, she’ll let students come down to do tests in her room, and explains the classwork so that everyone can understand what they are going over in class.

Montague stated, “I saw the first hand impact that teachers have on students because my parents, aunts, and uncles were all teachers.” She said that she wanted to be able to help others in the same way that teachers have. It’s important to her that she helps students reach their potential.

Something Arzola- Velez enjoys most about Mrs. Montague is that she has a great senes of humor, because that’s what makes the work enjoyable. He mentioned that if he is having a rough day she knows what to do to make the day much better. “I appreciate her very much,” he added.

Connections are very important and can create a great learning environment. Building bonds with the teachers can have a positive impact on students.


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