How Was Your Thanksgiving?


During the pandemic of 2020 many friends and families did not get together to celebrate thanksgiving , nor Christmas but instead stayed at home in quarantine away from everyone. This year everyone was so  happy to be back and enjoying thanksgiving dinner and desert with everyone around then, discussing what has happened over the last year, and how far they could not believe technology had come.

Fighting over the wish bone, saying grace, sharing what everyone was thankful for etc.,

A few students spoke out about their thanksgiving experience saying

  • I ate food and hung out with my family- Conner Saucer
  • My Thanksgiving was rather lame, my grandma and my dad were watching a football game and screaming about it the whole time. – Kaden Winter
  • I spent time with my Family- Breanna Derrick

Now as we move on to Christmas What Are your Plans going to be.

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