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How to get ready for Bio with Mrs. Motyka

By. Kate Scott / Freshman writer

As an upcoming sophomore scheduled to take biology, I can say that the subject seems to be pretty intimidating. What follows is an interview with biology teacher Shirley Motyka. The questions come from next year’s biology students.

Q: What do I need for your class?

A: You’re gonna need a four pocket folder for each marking period or you can have four separate folders and a notebook for notes.

Q: How can I come into the new school year with a good idea of what I will be learning?

A: Overall students will be learning about the scientific method, basic biochemistry, cells, energy, genetics, Heredity, evolution, and ecology.

Q: Is there a lot of homework?

A: If you want to do well you will spend at least 15 minutes going over new and old information. You do not want to wait to study.

Q: What is the best way to study for the tests?

A: At the beginning of every until I ill post a study and an ejective of every unit.

Q: What do you recommend doing to set yourself up for the best grades?

A: Be ready to lock in everyday in class. If you miss a day you have to make up work. Try to not  miss school during the year.

Q: What exactly is biology?

A: The study of living things. One of my major goals is that you understand medical terminology. I want my students to be able to have an understanding data conversation with their doctors.

For help go to:

The Biology Keystone is a graduation requirement.


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Kate Scott
Kate Scott
Katelyn Scott is a very involved 10th grader at Blue Ridge High School. She plays golf, basketball, and softball. She is in National Jr. Honors Society, FBLA, Leo Club, and Science Club. In her free time she hangs out with her family. After high school Katelyn wants to go into communications which is why she is passionate about journalism.
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