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How Student Athletes Can Stay On Top Of Schoolwork

By: Peyton Gelinger/Junior Writer

Time management. For student athletes, it can be hard to juggle school work, sports, and life in general. There are some ways that you can keep your grades in check in your hectic schedule, though, along with ways you can stretch the little time you have to get your school work done. 

One of the most important factors to have, not only for keeping up with your homework, but also for the sports you are involved in, is having good motivation! If you are determined to get your grades up and keep them up, then you have a high chance of doing just that. Motivation is very important and will keep you wanting to do your homework on time.

One thing you can incorporate into your day is using your time wisely. Plan out your days ahead of time. Set aside a certain time to study or work on homework every night. If you always have a set time every night that keeps you doing nothing but educational work, it can help you stay caught up in school. It also does not have to be a long period of time, it can be as short and simple of just 15 minutes a night!

Another way you can stay on top of those grades while playing time consuming sports can be as simple as utilizing resources given to you. If you do extra things in the classroom, like always doing extra credit when offered. That is always helpful for any student in high school, not just athletes. You can even ask a teacher during a flex/AP study period if you are confused about the subject you are doing for help, that way you aren’t spending as much time at night dwelling and stressing over homework assignments you do not fully understand.

Overall, staying on top of school work and sports is all individuals based on the person! Every one learns and studies different, so find a routine or a method that will help you accelerate in your work, as long as it works for you! Also, between the school and sport activities, make sure you find time to relax by getting a good night sleep.


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Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger is a senior in High School. She is a player for the blue ridge Lady raiders varsity  volleyball team and a competitive dancer. When she is not busy doing her school work along with sports Peyton loves to spend time with her family and friends. She planes to attend college to major is Sociology / Human services At Indiana University Of Pennsylvania. 
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