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By:Brooke Upright/Senior Writer

Everything in the past year has increasingly gotten harder for many people all over the country, including school classes. Anything art related has almost impossible to do with virtual learning. Without knowing the certainty if we are going to be closed for two weeks or if we are going to be having in person classes. Being able to efficiently create pieces that need certain tools whether it’s in ceramics or art 2, it’s rather difficult for these students to be able to complete there art work at home.

I had spoken with Mirella Annesi, a Junior at Blue Ridge, who is in General Art 2 along with Senior Breanna Graves who is taking Ceramics and Portfolio this year.

When most people think about art, they envision paintings or clay projects. While classes have pretty much stayed in contact, teachers have had to become quite creative when it comes to specific projects. Students have also had to find ways to get their projects to and from school safely. Breanna had stated that she transfers her projects for ceramics in boxes with bogs over top to protect it from drying too much while Mirella just has to worry about making sure projects are dry for the ride on the bus too and from school. Certain projects require certain equipment so being able to come up with substitute items is very important. Whether it’s things from the dollar general or even things you can find around the house. Breanna had stated that “The hardest project to finish so far this year for me is the Torn Paper Projects in my portfolio class due to how big the board is and how tiny the different shreds of paper are.”

Nothing has been the same since the start of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean our creativity needs to change. Just make some creative adjustments and you are good to go! Nothing will be able to stop these students from loving to make there art projects, so they are just finding more ways to make their projects possible in an out of the school setting. 

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