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Hoops, They Did It Again!

By: Kaylyn Lewis/Co-Sports Editor

The boys basketball team has been exceeding expectations this season. The Raiders are playing strong and are determined to have a successful year.

The Raiders season kicked off on January 4th, against the Mountain View Eagles. The boys started out a little slow, giving the Eagles a chance to take the lead at the end of the first quarter, 5-12. The Raiders gained more energy in the second quarter, scoring 12 points but not enough to take the lead, with a score of 17-31. The Eagles came back even stronger and the Raiders kept fighting with the third quarter being 23-48. The final score was 35-52, but the Raiders played their hardest.

Lead scorers were three seniors: Gavin Rosa with 9 points, Tyler Hillard with 6, and Ben Bleck contributing 5 points.

The Raiders then faced the Foresters of Forest City at home on January 7th. The game started out intense with both teams fighting hard for the lead. The first quarter ended tied with a score of 11-11. With the boys playing hard to grab the lead, they finally captured it in the end of the second quarter 23-18. The Foresters weren’t giving up that easily, and came back intense coming back from halftime. With all their efforts, it still wasn’t enough to take the lead from the Raiders with a close score of 37-36. Coming into the final quarter, the Raiders were hot, scoring a whopping 22 points to finish off the Foresters 59-54.

Contributing to the win, Bleck led the team with 20 points, Rosa having 17, and junior Carson Koehler adding 14 points.

The boys set out to travel to Montrose to face the Meteors on January 10th, hungry for another win. The game began close, but the Raiders came out on top in the first quarter 9-7. Ready to show the Meteors how the Raiders do things, they scored 21 points in the second half, leading 30-9 going into halftime. Still dominating the game, the Raiders scored a whopping 23 points in the third, now leading 53-32. The Meteors attempted to come back and grab the lead, but it wasn’t enough and the boys pulled out a 67-53 win.

Rosa led the team to victory with 16 points, Koehler close behind with 14, and junior Calvin Scheideler with 13 points.

The Raiders were then approaching the anticipated rivalry game at Susquehanna against the Sabers. The boys started out hot, gaining a lead on the Sabers ending the first quarter 9-5. The Sabers came back powerful in the second quarter, and the Raiders struggled to catch up with a score of 11-22. The boys tried to come back in the third, but wasn’t enough to grab the lead with a score of 22-28. The Raiders continued to fight hard and not give up but couldn’t overcome the Sabers with a final score of 34-43.

Again, Rosa lead the team with nine points, Koehler scoring eight, and Scheideler and Bleck both contributing six points.

The boys were matched up with the Lions of Lackawanna Trail on January 16th. With a lot of energy to start off the game, the Raiders dominated the first quarter 15-5. The boys kept the heat going into the second quarter, still containing the lead 22-17. Coming back from halftime, the Lions gained energy to try to overcome the Raiders but ended the third quarter close, 32-31. The final quarter was very intense, the Raiders trying to keep the lead but the Lions weren’t backing down. The final score was 41-47.

Rosa led the team with 16 points, Bleck contributing 10, and Scheideler adding seven points.

Come out and support your Raiders as they head into the second half of their season! Keep working hard Raiders!


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