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Homecoming Court Reactions

By: Carissa Zawiski/Sophomore Writer

This year the following seniors of 2018 were elected for Homecoming Court: Parker Dissinger, Isabelle Morris, Kaleb Folk, Megan Sommer, Brock Gumaer, Mary Kerr, Wesley Wojtkowski, Jerni Schell, Ben Gudykunst, and Krystal Hepler. Each student on the Homecoming Court shared what it felt like to be elected.

“I was very flattered when I found out I was on homecoming court, the thought of several of my classmates thinking of me while submitting their choices was very nice and made me feel closer to the student body in the high school.” says Mary Kerr.

Brock Gumaer states, “It was very neat and interesting at the same time. I personally did not think that I would have that many votes.” He added that it was interesting walking through the hallway and hearing people call out to him that they voted for him, and he hopes that everyone enjoys it.

Kaleb Folk said that he felt shocked and flattered that people he goes to school with voted for him, and it’s nice hearing “Congratulations!” in the halls. Ben Gudykunst agrees that it’s nice walking through the halls and having people congratulate him, along with his friends on the court by his side, and he hopes that they all enjoyed it.

“It was very exciting,” added Parker Dissinger.

Isabelle Morris stated, “It feels nice to share this with my friends and enjoy our last homecoming and our last year together.”

Jerni Schell said, “I’m honored, although I don’t like being categorized as better than anyone else. We’re a small school and all really close, so to me we’re all equal.”

Krystal Hepler added “I feel that I’ve done a good job being nice to everyone, and being a bubbly and all around person has made the different grades feel like I’m everyone’s friend.”

The Blue Ridge Homecoming King and Queen are Wesley Wojtkowski and Megan Sommer. They both shared what it felt like to win.

“When my name was announced I was in disbelief and I immediately felt humbled. It feels great to be recognized by fellow students.” says Megan Sommer.

Wesley Wojtkowski said, “I was happy people like me, but it doesn’t make me feel good. We should be celebrated as a class instead.” He added that he would like to thank the homecoming committee for their hard work.

When asked, “What was going through your head the minute before they announced the winner?” Megan Sommer responded,”I did not think I was going to get homecoming queen, and I was prepared to feel overly happy for whoever got it.”

Overall, what matters is the memories that were created throughout the week, and having pride in your graduating class. It was a week that won’t be forgotten.


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