Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Homecoming Court 2021

By: Reese Allen/Junior Writer and Content Editor

Due to Covid-19, this year has been quite different. Sadly, Blue Ridge was unable to hold the traditional homecoming dance. Spirit week took place in March this year, which included selecting a senior homecoming court. Aside from the seniors, the Raider Court had two members, which consisted of a boy and a girl from each grade. They became Raider Court members because the school was unable to have a dance this year and this was substituted in place of the dance. Below is a list of the Raider Court members.

  • Freshman Raider Court – Libby Zick and Connor Cranage
  • Sophomore Raider Court – Kendra Millard and Griffin Whitehead
  • Junior Raider Court – Kayla Blaisure and Gunnar Wenzel

The seniors elected for 2021 Homecoming Court (Royalty Raider Court) include:

  • Holly Geyer and Ryan Glatzel 
  • Kaylyn Lewis and Andrew Scott
  • Carissa Zawiski and Eli McArthur
  • Ashleigh Barton and Calvin Scheideler

This year the two seniors who were voted homecoming King and Queen were Eli McArthur and Carissa Zawiski.

Senior Ryan Glatzel, who was a part of the Homecoming Court, expressed his opinion on how he felt about being on homecoming court this year. “I think it was cool because despite everything we at least got some form of a homecoming celebration.” He also mentioned that he wished they could’ve had the dance, but he was still grateful that they got to have spirit week and homecoming court.

Senior Carissa Zawiski, discussed what it was like to be named homecoming queen and how it felt not being able to have the dance. She stated, “It feels incredible because it came as a complete surprise. I was genuinely caught off guard because I had always assumed that homecoming court was a popularity contest, but it wasn’t. This year’s court was full of incredible people, and I was honored to be a part of it”. She continued by saying, “It was disappointing not to be crowned king and queen as is traditional at the dance, but I am grateful that we were able to have a court this year”.

Senior Eli McArthur also mentioned, “I’m happy I was able to be a part the homecoming court, but it’s a little upsetting to not really have any kind of acknowledgement, all we got was an announcement and a picture”. He also stated that if he could add anything to homecoming week it would’ve been the dance. 

Overall, what matters most is the memories made during the week, as well as pride in your graduating class. It was a week that won’t be forgotten. 


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Reese Allen
Reese Allen is in her first year of journalism. She is entering her junior year of high school.  She participates in National Honor Society, Student Council, Class Officer, and basketball. In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and watch Netflix.


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