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Holocaust Symposium Review

By: Dylan Stone/Sophomore Writer

On Tuesday, March 8th Miss. Brown’s Honors English class took a day trip to the Holocaust Symposium in Scranton, held at the Hilton. At this annual event, there were fourteen Holocaust survivors who were there to speak about their experiences in the Holocaust to the younger generations for multiple reasons. One of the biggest being to stand up and speak out when you see something that isn’t right.

During the Symposium, there were many stories of how the survivors had firsthand experience in the Holocaust, how it affected them and their families. The best part about having the survivors tell us their personal experiences, however, had to be the fact that we could kind of relate to the things they said as they had been around our age and or younger during the time of the horrible events taking place.  Meaning, they could refer back to things such as childlike exuberance and innocence, applying them to the reality of the situation. Being children, they often became emotional while thinking about their parents and the reality of the situation they had really been in at the time.

The holocaust had scarred them mentally and they couldn’t do anything to fix that. They shared their stories after many years of not saying anything about the past because of how strong the subject was for them, meaning some of them had been relatively new to speaking out about their individual stories. The raw emotion that could be felt during the speeches they had spoke was powerful and by far the most lasting part about the entirety of the trip.


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