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High school relationships

Alisa Dauro/ Senior Writer

Do you have a significant other that you plan to stay with for the rest of your life? 

I asked some teachers from our school and they have some really good opinions about high school relationships. Mrs. Krause believes that “high school relationships should be avoided because school should be the first priority and relationships can be distracting.” Mr. Orner thinks “they are necessary for social development and unnecessary for drama.” Mrs. Allen also “believes that they aren’t as serious and important as we make them out to be.”

I went around and got a few students’ opinions as well and some of them had a good few points. Dynasti Hernandez believes that “they have a lot of drama” and Taylor Holtzman believes that “if they are mature enough then things can work.” 

So as you can see, there are plenty of opinions on high school relationships. Some are more positive than others. What’s your opinion on high school relationships? 

I did some research and did you know that 53% of high school relationships end up getting married? That’s a little bit more than half! That just proves that if you really work on your relationship no matter how hard it gets, it can happen and it will!


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Alisa Dauro
Alisa Dauro
Alisa is a senior now in her first year of journalism. She is interested in working at Subway and really loves to spend time with her boyfriend and  watch Netflix when she gets the time to do so.
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