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Higgins Chooses Kings

By Dalton Rutter/Senior Writer

Tim Higgins is taking his academic and athletic talents to King’s College.

Officially, he committed October 25, 2022 to both an early education major and to the school’s baseball team, the King’s Monarchs.

Higgins has been playing baseball for 14 years and is excited to continue at Kings for a variety of reasons.

When Higgins was asked why he chose Kings he said, “It is close to home, they offer my intended major, and I want to play baseball.” 

Higgins was asked why he chose that major he said ” I think it is something I will really enjoy.”

The Monarchs are 11-16 so far this season. 

When asked if Higgins can help them out next season he said, “Absolutely I am ready to give everything I have.”

Tim Higgins signed with King’s College flanked by his mom and dad. Photo courtesy of Nick Swaha.


Read more about Tim Higgins here:


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Dalton Rutter
Dalton Rutter
Dalton is a Blue Ridge High senior and athlete who plays golf, basketball, and baseball. He loves to eat and likes to hang with his friends.
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