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Hey Dudes Trending at BR

By: Grace Graf/ Senior Writer

Over the last few years Hey Dudes have become very popular here at BR. Hey Dudes are a slip on shoes that are cute and casual but are also very comfortable.

Emily Marvin currently only owns one pair but she says “they are super comfortable”.

She says she wears them because, “They will mold to your feet the more you wear them. They also come in so many pretty colors and designs.”

Gracey Hinkley has many different pairs but says her all white ones are her favorite.

This is because, “they match every outfit”.

Hinkley likes to wear them because, “They’re comfortable, and easy to put on”.

Kendall Farthing only owns one pair but says she likes them because, “they are comfy, go with everything, and are easy to slip on and off when on the go”.

Brandon Carpenetti owns six pairs of Hey Dudes but says his favorite pair are his grey ice ones. They are grey, white, and blue.
Carpenetti says he likes Hey Dudes because, “they are lightweight and there are many different styles”.
Layla Sinnett likes Hey Dudes because, “they are comfortable, easy to wear, and I love the style.”
Her favorite pair are her light navy blue pair.
For more information on the brand and its history visit


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Grace Graf
Grace Graf
Grace always loved to write which is what led her to taking journalism. She works very hard in school and is always studying. Outside of school Grace loves to spend her time outdoors and with friends and family. During the summer you will find Grace on her horse either on a trail ride or at a horse show.
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