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Hexagon Project Heats Up

By: Dylan Monks/News Editor

Mrs. Sarrah Dibble-Camburn’s Art II students recently raised $222.98 for Susquehanna County Interfaith’s fuel assistance program.

Camburn says she will be mailing out a check in the next couple of weeks.

“The donations should arrive at a  good time,” says Camburn, “since this is often the time of year when people run out of oil–and money.”

IMG_5456 (1) IMG_5454 (1) FullSizeRender (36)The students used their art to collect and donate to the cause.  They created hexagon-shaped donation containers which were placed at local businesses for the purpose of collecting money for area residents who can’t afford heat.

Over the last five years Blue Ridge students have raised over $4000 to help keep people warm in the winter and colder months.  This project is part of the Hexagon Project. The hexagon project used to be done by Camburn’s elementary students, but Camburn is now the high school art teacher, and continues to do the hexagon program with the high schoolers.

“I did the project in the elementary school for many years and wanted to continue it because it is part of an interdependence project, allowing us to help our neighbors. I plan on continuing this project for as long as possible,” said Camburn.

For more information about the hexagon project, please visit www.hexagonproject.org.  To make a donation, contact Mrs. Camburn at dibbles@brsd.org


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