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Has Covid-19 Changed the Face of Education Forever?

By: Trista Stone/Junior Writer

There isn’t any profession that hasn’t been impacted by Covid-19–and that, of course, includes teaching. As teachers quickly adapted to the demands of the online classroom, many were forced to change how they deliver lessons, whether it be in the form of a teaching strategy or the use of online educational tools. Many teachers say it seems likely their adaptations may actually become the new norm even when the pandemic is over.

I have asked a total of 11 teachers/staff members this question: When the pandemic is over, what new teaching methods will you keep? 

Michelle Montague, learning support:Google Classroom to get information to my students – announcements about upcoming events etc. Google Keep- online to do list to keep student organized with what assignments are due when and what has been completed. Google Jamboard- great interactive whiteboard tool that updates in real time so students can leave post it notes and use textboxes to make comments or ask questions while I write on it. Remind App- great way to communicate with students and parents—-much better than email and phone calls as it goes right to most’s peoples phones. Kami- so many cool ways to use this—- voice comments for students to explain things, can do talking to the text in it by highlighting and then putting comments, great way for me to write on a document and share my annotations with students. Advocate for teachers to have laptops/chromebooks with touch screens and styluses so they can write on the screens.”

Aimee Krause, English teacher: “Digital Notebooks!”

Elizabeth Vacarro, science teacher: “I will absolutely keep using Edpuzzle to introduce/review key concepts. I really like how it lets the students hear ideas in multiple ways and multiple voices. I also really like the game format of Kahoot and Quizizz– great for low stress review before a quiz. In general, I am glad I was forced to get and stay organized on Google Classroom- I think it helps students keep track of due dates and maintains an electronic record of what they have done and when. I will also continue to use Pivot (an online lab site that greatly simplifies graphs and graphical analysis), although I am definitely looking forward to have students roll, throw, spin and burn things in class again!”

Paul Sokoloski, math teacher: Google Classroom and Remind. “I will continue to list all assignments on the classroom as a way for everyone to stay up to date on assignments and lessons (this includes keeping me up to date!)”

Amy Zakarauskas, chorus teacher: “The pandemic has been difficult on students, teachers, parents, and families. If I can find a silver lining, I absolutely love that we are now a “one-to-one” school and every student has a device. This has opened up a world of technology that we couldn’t use before. I think in the future our school will continue to use Google Classroom and resources like Canva, Peardeck, Nearpod, Edpuzzle, Sight Reading Factory, G Suite for education and whatever new technology is around the corner. Our students are getting better at using their chrome books everyday and I hope that they have learned some new skills to prepare them for the future”

Adele Bennett, learning + emotional support: “Trying to have my kids be more self sufficient. I’m going to access the platforms and programs I will use.”

Sarrah Dibble- Camburn, art teacher: “Yes, I believe it has changed everything. There is so much fear everywhere. I will keep Google Classrooms, the Remind App, and continue to use Artsonia as we always have. I think I would like to continue to do fun paintings with groups virtually.”

Mitchell Less, history teacher: “I may use elements of Google Classroom”

Michael Courtright, finance teacher: “Using interactive technologies like Nearpod and Classkick to offer a variety of participation opportunities for my students.”

Paula Finn, guidance: I will keep my virtual office for students to access when they are not in school.”


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Trista Stone
Trista Stone
Trista Stone is a senior in her second year of journalism. Trista participates in softball and basketball cheerleading. She plans to attend college after graduation to become an occupational therapist! In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and go shopping:)
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