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Halloween Safety

By: Mirella Annesi/Staff Artist

Even though it may seem like common knowledge, Halloween safety is a very important thing to consider, whether you are going trick or treating or going to a friend/friend of a friend’s party, it is good to keep safety in mind, because we may not like to admit it, but there are bad people out there, so we need to know how to protect ourselves.

When trick or treating it is important to consider the dangers that may arise, so here are these rules and tips will help you stay safe:

  • NEVER GO ALONE:  I cannot stress this enough, there is safety in numbers and going alone can pose a threat to your safety, such as injury or abduction. 
  • DON’T EAT THE CANDY UNTIL YOU GET IT CHECKED: Although it is a great temptation to just reach into that pail or bag and take out a sugary sweet, it is in your best interest that you resist. There have been a plethora of incidents of poisoning and sharp objects placed into candy so check before you snack. See if the wrapper seems to be tampered with, if so, don’t eat it. Don’t eat homemade treats like popcorn balls or baked goods, unless they came from someone you know and trust like an aunt, uncle, or grandparent (a good tip would be to bring a snack with you to nibble on instead of your unchecked candy).
  • DON’T STAY OUT TOO LATE: I know it can be tempting to hit every last house in the neighborhood and go until your exhausted, but as it happens quite often, Halloween lands on a day other than Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and school could be the next day, so make sure you don’t stay out too late.

Now that you have some basic tips to stay safe while trick or treating, here are some party “tricks” to keep yourself even safer:

  • IS THE PARTY SAFE TO ATTEND?:  When wanting to go to a Halloween party to have fun we can often forget to ask ourselves if the party is safe to attend?  Will there be alcohol If you’re underage, alcohol is a big no and an even bigger red flag.  If the party you want to go to is rumored to have alcohol or drugs involved, it is highly advised not to attend.  Not only is it illegal to ingest alcohol while under the legal age and even more illegal to use any type of drug, there is a high danger to being near anyone intoxicated. not attending the party is the best way to keep yourself safe.
  • WILL YOU HAVE A WAY HOME?:  It may seem like a no brainer, but, do you have a set way to get home after the event is over?  
  • ARE YOU ALLOWED TO GO?: Yes, the classic teenage movie prohibition, but in all seriousness this is very important, not only can you avoid a lot of trouble by both your parents and/or the authorities, it can give you piece of mind that if something happens like your ride canceling or leaving without you, there is someone you can fall back on.
  • DO YOU WANT TO GO?:  With the insane amount of peer pressure nowadays in schools, you may feel that you have no choice but to go to a party to either maintain an image or to prove yourself as one of the cool kids. The real truth is you don’t have to give into the pressure even though it may be hard; remember that if you don’t feel comfortable going, then you shouldn’t go.  Talk to a parent and arrange a little white lie, like being sick or too tired to go, you don’t ever have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

With points demonstrated, I hope that you as the reader can come to a consensus on what makes you feel safe on the very fun spooky, scary, skeleton filled night. Remember, if you are ever in doubt, ask an adult that you trust, teachers, parents, relatives, to help.

And, to conclude, have fun and stay safe. Happy Halloween!


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