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Guidance Counselor Week

By: Ryan Scott/Junior Writer

Blue Ridge High School introduced a new celebration during the school week of February 6-10 called “guidance counselor week.” This celebration isn’t what most think, though.

Many students originally thought it was a week to thank counselors for their hard work, but BR counselor Carly Corbin, says that it’s actually a celebration for students and administration.

“While it’s true this might seem unusual,” says Corbin, “without students or administrators we [the guidance counselors] wouldn’t have a job.”

What does this week consist of? Well, Monday through Friday students or administrators receive a small gift. These gifts range from candies to quotes.

According to Corbin, this is how BR counselors chose to celebrate National School Counseling Week.

Photo by: Carly Corbin
Photo by: Carly Corbin

Every day is meant to be a secret to surprise those who they appreciate, but some days have already passed. Monday, all students in high school and middle school received a small paper with a crunch candy bar attached to it. On Tuesday, teachers received bins full of smarties and Hershey kisses, representing their hard work helping students succeed. Finally, on Wednesday, bins of chips were passed out to thank students and teachers for their combined efforts in learning and succeeding.

Writer’s note: Counselor Week may be FOR students and teachers, but both parties should stop by and thank their counselors for the effort they put into this week and every day to better the lives of our future generations.

For more about National School Counseling Week, click on the link!


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Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott is a Second year journalism student, taking on his senior year of high school.  He spends most of his time playing golf, basketball or going out with friends. Fascinated by Law, Ryan plans to obtain a degree in criminal law and or political science.
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