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Good Cop, Bad Cop

By: Brooke Kelly/Junior Writer

Over thirty years ago Greg Deck met a murderer, but he didn’t know it at the time.

Back then, Deck was a seventeen-year-old senior at Blue Ridge High School who worked part time at McDonald’s.

At the same time, Deck’s manager at McDonald’s was in a romantic relationship with Montrose police Sergeant John Walker who was married to someone else.

“John Walker would stop by frequently. I can picture him leaning over the counter to talk to my boss, clear as day.”

It was Walker’s then wife, Lynda Conrad Walker, who became Deck’s focus years later when he was reviewing cases as a criminal investigator.

“Lynda died from a single, close-range gunshot wound to the chest on November 13, 1983. At the time, her death was ruled a suicide and her husband, (John Walker) went on to marry my manager,” says Deck.

The case was officially reopened years later when Deck reviewed the case after becoming a trooper for the Pennsylvania State Police.

He says retired former police chief Charles Martel encouraged him to investigate John Walker as the likely murderer.

“At the time, Charles Martel felt John Walker likely killed his wife. So, he encouraged me to look into Lynda’s death.”

Deck says says he consulted some experts in 2010 who studied Lynda’s autopsy and the pictures of her body after she was discovered deceased.

“It became apparent pretty much right away that something was off about the suicide determination after examining a smudging of blood on Lynda’s inner arm that should not have been there if it was a suicide,” says Deck.

That consultation led to Lynda’s body being exhumed and the performance of a second autopsy.

“Her death was reclassified as a homicide at that time,” says Deck.

John Walker was arrested for Lynda’s murder and later pled no contest to those charges–a little more than 30 years after he death.

Deck tells the full story of his involvement in the investigation of Lynda Conrad Walker’s death on season one, episode three of the show Good Cop, Bad Cop which started streaming in late November, 2023.

Stream Good Cop, Bad Cop here.

More about Greg Deck: 

More about one of the Good Cop, Bad Cop producers here:


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Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly
Brooke Kelly is a junior and actively participates in the National Honor Society. She enjoys football cheer for Susquehanna and playing softball for Blue Ridge. Brooke wants to go to college for her major in accounting. Outside of school she loves spending time with family. 


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L. J. Lucky
L. J. Lucky
1 month ago

I never met that murderous cop, and with luck, never do. What’s that smell? Ohhh, it’s the coverup by other corrupt LEOs.

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