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Goals for the Second Quarter? – Q&A

By: Kaelin Hughes / Junior Writer

The first quarter has reached its end, and report cards have been sent home. Some students know exactly what they have in every single class, or some are just finding out their grades when receiving their report card. As a crazy perfectionist who has unobtainable expectations for my grades, I was wondering what academic goals students around the school have for themselves.

I talked to senior Kaleb Folk, junior Tiffany Quick, sophomore Thomas Gibson, and freshman Gavin Dissinger and asked them the following questions about their academics:

Q: How do you feel about your grades for the first quarter?

Kaleb Folk: I feel pretty good about my grades, but there is always room for improvement.

Tiffany Quick: They’re good, I could improve in some classes though.

Thomas Gibson: Great! I have a grade-point average of 95!

Gavin Dissinger: Honestly, they’re average.

Q: Was there any class in particular you struggled in? Was there a class you think you did exceptionally well in?

KF: None of my classes really bothered me, but I think I did pretty well in my English class.

TQ: History, I just don’t understand it. I had a 100 in English though, so I’m feeling really good about it.

TG: I’m not really good at sciences in general, so Biology was a bit of a struggle. History, on the other hand, is my strongest subject, so I obviously did well in that.

GD: History. The content isn’t that hard, but the tests are large and difficult to get through. I really like Spanish, though, so that was better for me.

Q: Lastly, what are your academic goals for yourself for the second quarter?

KF: To stay on the high honor roll.

TQ: To focus more and get higher grades.

TG: Keep my grade-point average up.

GD: Higher grades, but mainly in history.

Overall, a good portion of students here at Blue Ridge want to better themselves in their academics, and they’re pretty determined to achieve that.



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