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Giving this Christmas Season

By Emma Davis/ Editor-in-Chief

Christmas is the season everyone loves. It’s a time for family and showing what’s truly in your heart, and what better way to show your love than by giving a gift to someone you appreciate.

Students’ Favorite Part about Christmas

Hope Treadway, a current eleventh grade student at Blue Ridge says Christmas is the time for family.

“My favorite part of the Christmas season is probably when everyone’s together with their family.”

For others, it is about the presents.

Michael Rosa, a tenth grade student, said his favorite part is, “Being with friends and family and spending time with them also the gift giving.”

Senior Katie Gordon says her favorite part of Christmas is spiritual.

“I like to think about the reason behind Christmas the birth of Jesus, and I enjoy seeing everyone celebrate together. There’s always a merry tone around the holiday,” she says.

Gift Suggestions

Gift giving is a key part in the Christmas season. The gifts range from all kinds of things like a homemade macaroni necklace to the newest watch. However, for some, finding gifts can be a little difficult. Blue Ridge Students were interviewed to give their input on some gift ideas!

For Hope Treadway handmade gifts mean the most.

“For me I would say hand written cards or letters because buying a gift is great but making one shows that you put a lot of effort on it.” Hope Treadway states.

Picture taken from Unsplash.com

On the other hand Michael Rosa prefers newer modern gifts.

Michael Rosa says “New shoes, clothes, or electronics.”

In addition, Katie leaves a great tip with her gift giving ideas.

Katie Gordon, a twelfth grader also provides great advice explaining, “Good gift ideas are candy or items related to the main hobbies of the person.”

Importance of Giving

Giving is not just used through the Christmas Season but throughout the whole year. It’s also a great way to show your appreciation to the people around you. Students were asked how important giving is to them and their favorite part about it.

Hope Treadway states, “Giving is very important to me.” she then goes on to explain “I think it’s because when you help someone or give them something. When they smile or do something nice for someone else that’s the best thing in the world.”

When asked about her favorite part she said, “Seeing others passing on the love and joy.”

Similar to Treadway’s thoughts,

Katie Gordon explained, “It’s very important; it can be meaningful to the person and teaches us that it’s fine to give up time and money for nothing in return.” She also said, “My favorite part is the enjoyment you gave someone else.”

Knowing just how much of an impact giving can have on people the raider reader challenges you to give. Even just a handwritten card is enough to show your appreciation to those around you.

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