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Getting the Ingredients for College: Finally Getting Your Food

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor

As the last six months of your high school career fly by, the deadlines for your college decisions will approach even faster. With that being said, let’s take everything we’ve learned so far to help you make your final decision!

First, rank your colleges on which ones you’d like to attend most to least. By setting up your preferences beforehand, the other factors affecting your decision may change these institutions’ final positions on your list.

Now, let’s consider what the colleges you’ve applied to have given you financial aid-wise. Did these colleges give you a merit scholarship with your financial aid package? How much do all of the costs come down to with the aid? After you have found your totals for all of your colleges, rank those costs. We’ll come back to this list later.

Following that, consider the programs each college has to offer. Do the colleges that you wish to attend have a program that goes with your interests/your decided major? Do they have similar programs, or ones that reflect your interests? Knowing what each college has to offer in regards to your interests AND your future career goals, making comparisons can help you change your initial rankings, pushing you closer to a final decision.

Finally, what college do you REALLY want to attend? Sometimes, it is okay to go with your gut feeling about a college no matter what the financial or program circumstances are. This decision is up to YOU, so do what you feel is best! Pick whatever college makes you feel the most welcome, has the best food, or the best environment, it only matters to you! (Of course, keep in mind that you don’t want to put yourself in debt for a reason that won’t pay you back in the long run.)

Now that you have looked at and compared everything, maybe you have a better idea or have a final decision on which institution you’ll attend for the next two to four years! The college application/decision process can seem like an intimidating one, but all it takes is some slowing down and looking at everything you have. I wish you the best on your college journey!


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