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Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

By: Dylan Stone/Senior Writer

Mario Kart. When most people hear that title, they typically think of the popular Nintendo Wii or DS game.  Both of which to most people, or least to most students, are iconic pieces of their youth.  This year, however, this iconic piece of our youth has gotten an upgrade, coming out on all mobile devices under the name “Mario Kart Tour.”  This game, while it might not be brand new content, still remains entertaining and enjoyable.

At first, the game’s controls may seem difficult, but once you learn them, the game is nothing but enjoyable.  The game has a variety of maps, karts, gliders, and playable characters from the earlier Mario games in the Mario franchise. A few of these characters include some of the obvious: Mario, Princess Peach, Koopa Troopa, and Bowser, as well as some of the not so traditional characters such as Dry Bowser, Musician Mario, and Pauline.  This mix of old and new characters, karts, etc. results in an overall new and interesting experience that is fun for all generations. From the Boomers to the Zoomers, Mario Kart Tour is enjoyable for everyone.

The ‘tour’ aspect of the game is in regard to the games changing maps, which occurs every two weeks. Additionally there are leagues every week with tier placements; these placements give the players more difficult competition to try to do their best in the weekly league. This feeds into the competitive experience of the traditional game in a new and exciting way.  Currently we are in the seasonal tour for the first two weeks of November.  I, personally, was anticipating this since the games initial launch.  The biggest criticism that most people give the game is that it can be difficult to get the hang of the handling and controls.  In my experience, I had no issues with the controls, but I can see how people may have some.

Overall, Mario Kart Tour is an exciting and interesting twist on a classic gaming experience that others and I remember from my youth.


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