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Game Review: Among Us

By: Rayne Glover/Junior Writer and Social Media Director

There is 1 imposter among us.

As many of the Blue Ridge students know, there has been a new uproar about the mobile game, Among Us. Among Us is a multiplayer game taking place in a space themed ship, in which you play one of two roles each round; an imposter or a crewmate. As the imposter, your goal is to eliminate the crewmates as fast as you can without being caught. As a crewmate, it is your job to find out who the imposter is, along with trying to finish your assigned tasks. Everyone, including the imposter(s), get to vote each round for who they believe is the most suspicious. Even if you can’t figure out who the imposter is, if every crewmate finishes all of their tasks, you can still win by default. Each server has 1-3 imposters, leaving 7-10 crewmates. The Raider Reader asked a few of the students their input on the game.

Madison Gelinger, a Junior high school, says her favorite part of the game is the arguments people get into while trying to determine the imposter. Though, her least favorite part of the game is being called “sus” (being accused as the imposter). Madison rates this game an 8/10.

Johnathan Rosa, a Sophomore in high school,  likes that you have more than one way to win as a crewmate. He dislikes that there is only 10 people maximum allowed in a server. He says the game is a 9/10.

Connor Mills, a Senior in high school, believes his favorite part of Among Us is that you can play with your friends. But, he doesn’t like when he never gets imposter, and how there isn’t a microphone to communicate for the chat. He gives it an 8/10.

Kayla Blaisure, a Junior in high school, likes to play because she thinks it’s a good time consumer and it’s fun to play with friends. Unlike Madison, Kayla’s least favorite part is the arguments. She says the game is a 7/10.

Jesse Delousia, a Junior in high school, says his favorite part of the game is being able to target his friends while playing on the same server. However, his least favorite thing about the game is when his friends target him. Jesse gives Among Us an 8/10.

Connor Cranage, a Freshman in high school,, says he really likes how you have to pay attention to evidence, and he enjoys being the imposter because it requires strategy. What he doesn’t like is that some people disregard what you say when trying to explain yourself and don’t pay attention. However, he still rates the game a 9.5/10.

Lydia Andusko, a Senior in high school, tells the Raider Reader that her favorite parts are that you can customize your character, and that the game is never saved so it’s different every time. She also tells that her least favorite part is the glitches and crashes with the system, and how you can’t add friends, or invite them while on the app. Lydia rates Among us an 8/10.

This game has sparked so much curiosity “Among Us” just within the last month, and seems to be enjoyable for all kids from grades 9-12. Out of all of these students reviews, Among Us has an average rating of an 8/10.



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Rayne Glover
Rayne Glover
Rayne Glover is a first year student in journalism who enjoys learning, reading, and writing about current news/events. She’s a junior who participates in softball, basketball, and other out of school activities. Inspired by a past graduate, Savannah Glover, Rayne decided to join journalism. She is planning on attending college, but is still indecisive about where she wants to go and what she wants to major in.
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